7 Dental Issues that Teenagers Face

Maintaining perfect teeth and gums is essential at any age, but a beautiful smile is especially important in the life of a teenager! Eating a healthy diet, flossing, brushing and regular dental check ups all contribute to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Dental issues of teenagers include braces or corrective mouth gear, inconsistent dental hygiene, dietary issues such as too much sugar in the diet, drinking too many sugary soft drinks, poor nutrition, smoking, piercings in the mouth, cavities and bad breath, just to name a few. Some dental issues are natural, for example having crooked or misaligned teeth. This can be easily corrected with the use of standard braces or even an Invisalign. Let’s examine some of the most common dental issues that today’s teenagers are facing:


If you do smoke, then it is high time you quit! Not only is smoking dangerous to your health, but it also stains your teeth and causes terrible breath. Smoking is a habit that is not to be toyed with! It is dangerous! Smoking increases the chances of contracting gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) and oral cancer and it is a habit that most people start in their teenage years. Be the smart one and just don’t start!


Another common trend among teens today is to pierce their tongue, lips or even their cheeks. First and foremost, such piercings put one at a risk for chipping the teeth during meal times, when talking and even while sleeping. Oral piercings can easily lead to tooth fractures, crowns, fillings, and even to root canals. Piercings can also cause painful infections, bleeding problems, swelling (which restrict breathing), and blood clots and in rare cases, blood poisoning.  Is it really worth the risk?


Today, more teenagers are consuming soda as compared to the number of teenagers who drank soda many years ago. The number has almost doubled up. Sodas contain excessive amounts of acidic flavorings and sugars, which gradually erode your tooth enamel. The more the enamel is eroded, the higher the chances of having tooth decay.

The best option is to avoid sodas altogether. But if that’s not an option, you can drink water after drinking soda to at least try to cleanse your teeth from the excess sugars. All in all, you should limit the amount of carbonated drinks you consume.


The teenage years are rough a rough time! An eating disorder that teenagers suffer from is called bulimia. It is a medical condition whereby there is binge eating shortly followed by vomiting and even anorexia. Anorexia is the fear of weight gaining which leads to the victim eating little or no food at all. Such a disorder tends to damage your teeth’s appearance since it erodes the enamel. Dentists have the ability to identify the different disorders based on the effect they had on the teeth. They then recommend counseling or just refer the patient to a physician.


For most teenagers, fitting in, socializing and looking great are essential for building that confidence or self-esteem. Still, it is important to remember that you must take certain precautionary measures to protect your teeth and protect your smile. If you are a sporty teenager, make that mouth guard your best friend! Mouth guards function by protecting against broken or chipped teeth, bone damage and root damage and finally tooth loss. They can easily be acquired by visiting a dentist for a custom fit.  Just a word of advice, even though you can buy a mouth guard over the counter, they might not fit correctly. To get the most protection, go to your dentist and let them custom fit a mouth guard that will specifically protect your teeth.


Misaligned teeth are a common problem in most adolescents and this leads them to be self-conscious as they speak, smile or even laugh. Fortunately, one of the greatest inventions in the dentistry world for teenagers was corrective braces. Changes in dental alignment can be quite visible even after just a couple of months.


Although teeth whitening kits are found in almost every drug store and therefore easily accessible to everyone, teenagers should first see their dentists before using the whitening product. This is due to the fact that serious damage can occur if the kit is not used correctly. The best and safest whitening procedures are available at your dentist office. Cosmetic dentists, such as <<<ENTER URL HERE>>>, offer expert whitening procedures that are entirely safe and for an affordable price.

Although the teenage years are filled with excitement, wonder and fun, they are also filled with self-consciousness and self-acceptance issues. It’s a time of tremendous growth but also a time of unrelenting self-scrutiny. Dental issues just add to this mixture. Maintaining a consistent dental care treatment plan with your dentist will go a long way in helping you develop the most beautiful teeth and smile for years to come!

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