A Beautiful Smile- Your Holiday “Wow” Factor!

Holiday Smile

Looking for that “Wow” factor for the holidays? Well, look no further! The best accessory for the holidays? A Beautiful Smile!! A bright, beautiful smile goes with everything and can truly be that “Wow” Factor that you’re looking for! What’s the quickest and easiest way to brighten your smile for the holidays? Whiten your teeth!

Teeth Whitening is the easiest, fastest and least expensive procedure you can choose to produce immediate results. It can make a huge difference, especially for people who drink staining beverages like coffee, tea or red wine. The process is simple: choose a reputable cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Halina Montano, for your initial whitening procedure and follow their protocol for additional touch-ups.

After you have whitened your teeth, here are a few tips to help keep them looking their brightest:

1. Eat Strawberries!

Strawberries contain an astringent that helps in the removal of surface stains, and vitamin C, and ultimately whitens your teeth by clearing away plaque. Take full advantage and keep your fridge stocked with them!

2. Baking Soda & Lemon Juice Paste

Baking soda is abrasive and slowly removes away a yellow layer from your teeth to give them a whiter shade. It is alkaline in nature, so you can add some lemon juice to balance out its’ alkalinity.

3. Orange Peel
The white portion of an orange peel is called the albedo. This portion of orange contains vitamin C and limonene, among other things. Limonene is a natural solvent cleaner that is used in many teeth cleaning products. Orange peels do not contain any citric acid, which can harm the enamel of your teeth. So the next time you eat an orange, you can help clean your teeth by rubbing the peel over your teeth before you throw it away.

4. Cut Out the Cause of Teeth Stain
To maintain the sparkling white color of your teeth, you must choose a healthy lifestyle. Many factors, such as smoking, chewing tobacco, poor nutrition, and poor oral hygiene habits, are obviously going to affect your teeth and your overall health as well. Here are some of the top causes of tooth discoloration:

Tobacco Products

Tobacco is the most prominent and well-known culprit of creating staining of your teeth. Tobacco products have been responsible for staining people’s teeth and lungs for generations. Although you can brush after every meal, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see someone doing so after every smoke or chew. Cigars, cigarettes, and pipes are bad enough, but chewing tobacco and snuff are even worse. Placing tobacco directly into your mouth is a sure way to commit “dental suicide.” Beyond just yellowing, tobacco stains, now you’re opening up a “Pandora’s Box” for gum, jaw and throat cancer as well. If you are committed to protecting your teeth and your health, choose to avoid tobacco products.

Supplements and Medications

Although not as common, certain medications and even vitamins are taken in excess can make teeth discoloration. Antibiotics like tetracycline have been identified to discolor teeth in adults along with its derivative compounds, doxycycline, and minocycline. Children can also experience discoloration if using fluoride in excess. Not only is fluoride in many municipal water supply systems, but it’s also in toothpaste and even some mouthwash and dental floss products. If in doubt, speak with your dentist about just how much would be enough for your child.
Caffeinated Drinks or Red Wine


While we all enjoy a cup of coffee, a hot cup of tea or a soda, or a glass of red wine, moderation is the key here. Too many caffeinated beverages can promote tooth staining and can dull your bright smile.


In summary, set aside a couple minutes to take inventory of your smile- is it as bright and beautiful as you would like it to be? Does it reflect the vibrancy that you feel? Prepare yourself to have the best holiday season ever! Call Dr. Halina Montano to set up your visit to brighten your holiday smile! Call 561-232-2070 and let the professional staff at HSM Dental Group turn your smile into your holiday “Wow” factor! You’ll be glad you did!