Cosmetic dentistry for Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton

People are more concerned about the appearance of their smile and are showing interest towards the smile makeover process. The improvement of the appearance of the smile through the procedures of cosmetic dentistry is the result of a smile makeover. A confident smile can speak volumns about the individual’s well-being.

Steps involved in Smile makeovers

Before going for the smile makeover, one has to plan the type of treatment to be undertaken. This largely depends on the individual’s requirements. Some may have only minor problems while others may require making a complete change in the appearance of the teeth. The initial stage of the treatment involves discussing the ailments with a cosmetic dentist, such as Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, and deciding upon the procedure for treating the teeth. The next step is to get an idea about how the teeth will be transformed after the treatment using a model smile. This can be done using computer software or digital imaging where one can visually see the appearance of the smile. The next thing to do is to approve the trial smile. This involves demonstrating the looks of the smile using tooth-colored materials. Once this is done, the final step involves the actual treatment procedures.

Smile Makeover Procedures:

  1. Porcelain laminates

The procedure of porcelain laminates involves improving the teeth’s appearance. The teeth can regain its color, size or shape using the process of porcelain laminates. The veneers used in this procedure are thin ceramic shells which will be helpful in masking the discoloration of the teeth and provides a glowing and shining teeth. The ceramic shells are tightly bonded so that they withstand all the wear and tear that they may be exposed to. The material used in the porcelain laminates have the properties like that of natural teeth in reflecting the light so they give the natural appearance and makes it a favorable cosmetic dentistry procedure.

  1. Bleaching

The bleaching of the teeth will improve the color of the teeth. It will help whiten the teeth beyond the natural color. This will come handy for the people who lose the brightness and color of the teeth due to aging or other factors. The process of bleaching involves the usage of carbamide peroxide which will turn into hydrogen peroxide on reaction with water. The peroxide acts as an oxidizing agent and acts on the deposits of stain in the dentin (one of the components of the tooth) thereby whitening the tooth. The bleaching process may also involve a light to carry out the bleaching of the teeth.

  1. Bonding

The process of bonding, as the name suggests, involves bonding of tooth-colored materials to the defective teeth using strong adhesives and curing light of high intensity. This will help improve the appearance of the teeth that have lost its color or shape. The process will aid in closing the spaces that might appear between the teeth. In addition to cosmetic reasons, they are also used to treat the damaged teeth due to a receding of the gums.

  1. Replacement of Amalgam fillings with White fillings

Amalgam fillings are being replaced by white fillings. The expansion and contraction of the amalgam fillings due to temperature changes makes the tooth crack from the inside. This is dangerous because the tooth can be prone to invasion by bacteria or debris causing pain. Hence, the amalgam fillings are replaced with white fillings that can bond firmly with the tooth. The white fillings consist of true porcelain or composite resin materials.

  1. Enamel Shaping and Contouring

The appearance of the teeth can also be improved by treating the enamel of the teeth. The process of enamel shaping and contouring involves the removal or the contour of the tooth enamel. This process may be combined performed with the process of bonding, which was discussed above. The process can correct any of these teeth ailments, namely, overlapping or crooked teeth, irregular and chipped teeth or small bite issues associated with the tooth.

  1. Braces

The process of braces can improve the appearance of the teeth, and are also useful for treating the improper jaw positions. They can also correct irregular biting of the teeth. It involves wearing the braces for a specified time. The smile becomes beautiful with teeth positions corrected and makes the individual confident about their smile.

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