Dental Implants: A Simple Procedure With Big Results

Smiling couple

Are you looking to make a significant difference in your smile? Or maybe correct an unsightly gap in your teeth? Dental Implants might be just what you need! While dental implants have been available for quite some time, modern technology has made the process easier and more streamlined. The benefits can be quite amazing! Simply put, dental implants are a relatively simple dental procedure that guarantees big results!

More and more patients are opting for dental implants for the following 10 reasons:

1. Increased Insurance Coverage. The cost of an implant treatment is now covered by most dental insurance companies. A crown implant costs the same as a 3-unit bridge, but it has a longer life span. Patients that will have less out of pocket expenses are more likely to go for implant treatment.

2. Implants Are Part Of The Dental Curriculum. The dental student graduates of today are now familiar with implants and how it can benefit their patients, with implant treatment being a major part of the school core curricula in most dental schools.

3. Consumer Education. Baby boomers will have a lot to smile about as they now have the option to get dental implants instead of clunky, outdated dentures. This demographic puts emphasis on looking attractive and youthful, and they will do what it takes to maintain it.

4. Implants Provide a Natural Choice over Dentures. Individuals who are faced with the need to wear dentures will now have a better option. Instead of being a luxury, dental implants are considered as a standard dental care solution. Implants provide the ability to chew and smile more naturally as compared to wearing denture prostheses.

5. Accessible Information. Major implant companies have put out invaluable and helpful content on their websites to encourage dental implant procedures to patients who need it. Important information can now be accessed with just a few mouse clicks.

6. Better Quality. Thanks to today’s technology, dental implant materials last far longer, and the procedure itself is much easier than in the past. Today most cosmetic dentists and dental specialists recommend implants as the best possible course of corrective dental action.

7. High Success Rates. Over the course of the last decade, dental implants are successful 95% of cases. This is a higher success rate even than other traditional services such as crowns and root canals. More and more dental offices are recognizing this benefit. As it is, dental implant procedures are a great alternative dental solution to removable dentures, bridges and crowns.

8. Less Complications after Dental Implant. Dental implants have improved significantly since it’s inception in the 80s. Thanks to advancements in technology such as extensive outcome data analysis, better bone grafting procedures and revolutionary implant designs, dental implants have become an everyday dental procedure.

9. Faster Completion Period. Dental Implants are now completed safely and effectively in record time. Choose a reputable cosmetic dentist, such as <<<ENTER URL NAME HERE>>> and let them put together a dental plan for you.

10. More Reasons To Smile. The U.S. population has embraced dental implant treatments because it gives them better benefits overall. Suffice to say, it has become a fixture in the current dentistry revolution! Patients who wish to keep their smile can now consider having dental implants for an optimal dental health and cosmetic outcome!

If you would like to consider dental implants, the first step is to choose a cosmetic dentist with a reputation for excellence! Dr. Halina Montano  is an outstanding choice for excellent dental care in the Boca Raton area. Call us today at 561-232-2070 and let our team of professionals schedule your visit. At HSM Dental Group, giving you a beautiful smile is our priority! Invest in yourself by making your dental needs top priority! You’ll be glad you did! Call and set your appointment today!