How Dental Laser Whitening Works

dental laser whitening at cosmetic dentist in boca raton

Laser teeth whitening, also known as dental laser bleaching is one of the most effective ways of getting that ultra-white, brilliant photogenic smile you see on billboards and vogue magazines. In fact, dental lasers can whiten your teeth as much as 8 shades in one sitting/session compared to other whitening methods such as the traditional hydrogen peroxide bleaching. And since whitening has more aesthetic than health-wise value, dental lasers treatment is mainly offered by high-end cosmetic dentists, like Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, and not the regular specialists.

That said, here is a quick primer on what the procedure entails and how it compares to other regular whitening methods.


It’s no secret that laser whitening can remove almost all stubborn stains from the teeth (especially those resulting from smoking and coffee) in under less than an hour. Unlike other the traditional way of soaking teeth in hydrogen peroxide to corrode the plaque, the guided laser beams are used together with high-strength peroxide gel to whiten the teeth precisely and evenly.

The procedure

Contrary to most people’s opinion, the teeth are typically prepped up before the procedure almost the same way as it is done during other traditional whitening treatments. This includes scraping the teeth to remove plaque and other foreign material that might be wedged between the teeth. On that note, sometimes (particularly for badly stained teeth) a bleaching agent is used to remove the plaque and other unyielding stains near the gum line before the actual procedure begins. Which is because the laser guided beams can not be used in proximity to the gums to avoid accidental gum destruction.

After that, an active peroxide gel is applied lightly on the teeth surface before being exposed to the dental lasers. This gel acts as laser activator, therefore allowing it to cleanse and whiten the teeth thoroughly.

How does it work?
The laser beams are used to activate the peroxide gel applied on teeth surface. Nonetheless, note that this peroxide is very different from the traditional bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide). The high energy from the beams speeds up the whitening process significantly; shortening what would normally take several hours and an array of repeat sessions to a few-minutes-job.

Additionally, using a laser beam allows the cosmetic dentist the much-needed precision, accuracy and efficiency to remove stains. In other words, the laser functions as a peroxide gel catalyst.
The upsides of laser teeth whitening

Laser whitening is so efficient that it has stolen the limelight in recent times when it comes to restoring smiles. Unlike traditional bleaching that can take a couple of hours, a comprehensive laser whitening session requires only 30 to 50 minutes and it is almost permanent. To maintain those whitened teeth after a traditional bleach, you will be required to attend minor follow-up sessions every two to three months or as soon as discoloration starts to set in. However, your teeth will remain whiter longer after a thorough dental laser treatment, possibly even up to a year without the need for touch up sessions in between.

The drawbacks

Perhaps, the biggest downside to dental lasers whitening is its prohibitive cost as compared to the traditional way of teeth whitening. However, the cost consideration reduced dramatically when you factor in that teeth whitened by laser technology retain their shine and glamour longer than those tht were bleached directly. In other words, after a detailed and complete dental laser procedure, you’re less likely to pay for other subsequent whitening sessions. Which makes it cheaper in the long run, especially if you are in a profession that requires you to have bright white teeth all year round.

Factual precaution
It is not advisable for pregnant women to undergo dental laser whitening as the procedure is typically deemed harmful to the developing child. Again, you may want to refrain from undergoing laser bleaching if you already have cavities or cracks in your teeth.

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