How dental work is emerging as an anti-aging treatment

anti-aging dental procedure

With people looking for various anti-aging supplements, there has been a new procedure created to make people appear younger with a youthful smile. Dental works play a significant role in preventing the anti-aging process. The goal of any dental work as an anti-aging supplement is to create harmony with the face and bring out the youthfulness in people in a natural way. The way teeth appear can make people look younger or older. A creative manipulation of veneers can help fix discolored, chipped, and wonky teeth.

Teeth affect the whole face structure especially when it comes to aging. As people grow older, the skin tends to lose its collagen and elasticity leading to face wrinkles. The skin will start to sag making the face appear more hallowed as the cheek loses its fat. The same case applies to teeth. As people grow older, teeth can shift and wear down creating a slackened face. The face supports the lower third of the face and with time its support might collapse. The change in the position of teeth can affect how people appear. The distance between the chin and the nose will decrease with the lower part of the jaw dropping. This coupled with discolored teeth makes people have a slackened appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry is bringing a new meaning to problems of dental aging. Changing the position of the teeth to a more favorable position can completely change how people appear. Teeth usually serve as a foundation for the whole face structure and re-positioning the teeth can provide support to the upper and lower jaws restoring the much-needed harmony to the face. Veneers are usually placed on the dental molars to help widen the upper arch of the face. Widening the upper arch of the face pushes out the cheeks increasing the height of the face. Veneers can also help widen smiles on people’s faces especially on the part of the mouth that usually appears droopy and dark. The corners of the lips are lifted, and people will tend to have brighter smiles that make people look younger.

The process of restoring balance to the face is a delicate one and must be performed by a qualified dentist, such as Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton. Every feature is usually taken into consideration ranging from the teeth color, the face of the shape, skin tone, age, and light refraction. The procedure of rebuilding teeth must complement the overall balance of the face. Re-positioning the teeth is a way of countering age and making individuals appear younger. However, you will always find the biggest concern for most people is the discoloration of their teeth. Most people look to whiten their teeth as it brings the natural smile in them. Improving people’s smiles is nowadays one of the best anti-aging treatments. A radiant smile creates an enormous positive feeling around people. As people grow older, a yellow hue will start appearing on teeth as their outer layer of the enamel begins to thin out. Teeth whitening procedures have now become a concern for most people across the world and can play a significant role in making people appear younger.

Best teeth whitening methods at home

Use of baking soda and a lemon juice paste

Baking soda contains Sodium Bicarbonate, which is known to be a mild abrasive compound. Being very alkaline, the addition of some lemon juice paste can help maintain its pH. The Bicarbonate is capable of clearing away the stains on the teeth enamel and making teeth appear whiter. A mixture of baking soda and lemon paste can be used to brush teeth with on a regular basis to help cleanse away the stains.

Brushing teeth with strawberry

Plaque that causes teeth to turn yellow can easily be broken down by the vitamin C found in strawberry. The enzyme malic in the strawberry also helps remove stains on teeth. Mixing the fruit with salt and baking soda improves the work of the acid with salt acting as the abrasive portion in the mixture. The berries are usually mashed, and a pinch of salt added with a small amount of baking soda. The mouth is then thoroughly cleansed before the paste is applied to teeth using a toothbrush.

Rinsing mouth with coconut oil

Coconut oil has been found to be an effective home remedy for whitening teeth. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that helps clear the bacteria found in the plaque. The oil is swished and pushed throughout the mouth for some minutes before been rinsed with water.

Avoid colored drinks

Drinks like Red wine and coffee leave stains on teeth causing discoloration. Reducing the usage and increasing the intake of water will prevent teeth discoloring leaving people appearing younger. If one has to drink them, t is important to brush regularly.

Teeth play a crucial role in the anti-aging process in humans and must be treated with uttermost care if people have to remain appearing younger. Cosmetic dentistry is now becoming a common trend as people look for ways of appearing younger and youthful.


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