How Dental Work is Fast Becoming a New Anti-Aging Technique

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Many aesthetic-minded dentists today believe that for most people, fixing their teeth is a new technique for anti-aging. In fact, most dental anti-aging methods are more effective than many facial cosmetic injections, including Botox. One such non-invasive dental procedure known as the ‘Smile Lift’ has proved to make people appear younger and is a great alternative to any dermatology procedure or plastic surgery technique available.

When it comes to looking younger through innovative dentistry, the overall goal is to create a sense of facial harmony while re-establishing the patient’s youthful appearance naturally.

Some people are somewhat skeptical just how far modern-day dentistry has the ability to make someone appear years younger than they actually are. However, here are a few compelling points as to why incorporating good dental health care may be directly related to anti-aging.

General Facial Structure and Aging

As people age, their skin starts to naturally lose collagen and elastin over time. As a result, the skin can appear saggy, wrinkled, and more hollow-looking due to less volume in and around the cheek area. Teeth can often shift as a person ages and eventually wear down, and may even sometimes need extraction. However, many people don’t stop to consider that their teeth are responsible for supporting the lower portion of their face, and that as they age, this support structure can start to fail.

Rebuilding Support

In order to rebuild or re-establish support in the lower third of a patient’s face, the position of their teeth will need to be shifted to a better position in order to provide the necessary support to the top half of their face, or upper lip area. Keep in mind that your teeth act as the foundation and support for a major portion of your face.

For instance, someone whose teeth are collapsing may decide to get a cosmetic lip injection. And, while this will indeed restore some of the fullness, it doesn’t actually provide support for them. But, addressing the problem of their teeth will help restore perfect harmony to the structure of their face while repairing the original underlying problem, extreme teeth grinding, which would likely return if they only opted for Botox or some other type of quick-fix cosmetic procedure.

Facial Aesthetics and Conventional Dental Procedures

Some cutting-edge dentists won’t use conventional procedures regarding ‘smile design’ like many other dentists since it only tends to focus on making the patient’s teeth perfectly symmetrical and isn’t practical for all patients. In fact, it can even have the opposite effect.

Once a facial assessment is done and a bonding reproduction is constructed, the dentist can then show the patient what their potential smile will look like. This gives the patient the means to envision their new and improved look visually. The artistic ability that the dentist uses will enable the patient to clearly understand what they’ll look like prior to having their veneers completely finished.

What Makes a Beautiful Smile?

In general, a beautiful youthful smile is achieved by restoring perfect symmetrical balance in the patient’s face. Each element of the face is carefully considered and how they’ll all work together accordingly in order to achieve a great smile and counteract the process of aging. Every aspect is considered, including the following:

• Skin tone
• Shape of the face
• Age of the patient
• Light refraction
• Tooth color and size

All of these features combined play a crucial role in the overall balance of the patient’s face, which is sometimes referred to as Facial Aesthetic Design. It’s an innovative anti-aging method and works to fight the effects of aging along with the natural wear and tear of teeth over time as well as discoloration.

The secret is to create very thin veneers for the patient, while removing the least amount of material from their teeth as possible, and then directly bond the new material over their existing teeth.

Dental Anti-Aging and Tooth Whitening

When it comes to anti-aging, teeth are very important in terms of structure. However, whitening is also another important aspect to consider as well.

Many dentists recommend bleach strips as way to keep patients’ teeth white and therefore appear more youthful. Because the majority of bleach strips are most effective during the initial 15 minutes they’re worn, it’s recommended that patients use three strips per session, whereby they change them out every 15 minutes for best results. Also, patients can invest in an electric toothbrush to help keep their teeth free from cavities and gums healthier overall.

Tooth Whitening Toothpaste and Over sensitivity

Some people are more sensitive to tooth whitening than others. Therefore, dentists recommend combining different toothpastes to help counteract the unpleasant effects. Dentists suggest alternating between whitening toothpaste and non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste in order to minimize the chance of damaging the enamel. This will help keep any over sensitivity in check as well.

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