How to Make your Smile the Best Ever in 2017

Have your best smile ever

Now that we all have settled into the New Year, it’s time to revisit those New Year’s resolutions. Is one of your goals to look and be your best in 2017? How would you like to have the best smile ever in 2017? Most of us would agree that we would love a killer smile, yet few of us actually take the time and effort to make the changes necessary to achieve that goal!

The first step to making any resolution a reality is developing a plan. Start by consulting with a reputable cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Halina Montano, to find out exactly where you are. Discuss what your goals are and what it will take to reach those goals. Your dentist will not only help you reach your cosmetic goals, but can also address how to prevent future problems such as bone loss, gum disease, stroke, etc. Top cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Montano, will tailor a comprehensive dental plan that will help achieve a beautiful smile and also help you attain optimum oral health.

Here are just a few things that you can do on your own to help keep your smile bright:

1. Brush Your Teeth After Eating 

The first and easiest way to attain your best smile is to keep your teeth clean. When brushing your teeth, it’s advisable to position the brush bristles at an angle of 45degrees relatively near the gum line. Both the tooth surface plus the gum line should be in touch with the bristles. You can brush the outer and inside surfaces of your teeth using up-and-down, back-and-forth motion of the brush, but do it gently to prevent bleeding. Don’t forget to clean the surface of your tongue to remove bacteria, which can cause bad breath.

2. Eat Calcium and Vitamin Rich Foods.

A diet rich in calcium is essential for building healthy teeth and bones. Include foods such as milk, fortified orange juice, broccoli, yogurt, cheese among other dairy products. You can also include calcium supplements.

Vitamin D and calcium are essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Vitamin B complex is also essential to keep your gums from bleeding. Other supplements such as zinc, copper, iron, iodine and potassium are also needed for maintaining healthy dental hygiene.

3. Limit Sodas, Alcohol and Coffee 

These beverages consist of a high level of phosphorous that is an essential mineral for a healthy mouth, but too much of phosphorus may deplete the degree of calcium in your body. Excessive consumption of these beverages causes dental hygiene problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. In facts, drinks with additives including food dye and corn syrup make pearly white teeth to appear discolored and dull. It’s, therefore, better to select beverages like milk which assist strengthen teeth and also build stronger enamel to give you the best smile ever.

4. Floss Regularly

Most people forget to remove food particles after brushing, especially when heading to bed or rushing out the door. Flossing can assist in eliminating tiny food particles that simple brushing can’t. In fact, flossing allows you to get deeper between your teeth, especially when toothbrush bristles can’t reach, or mouthwash can’t wash away. It’s advisable to floss your mouth at least once per day.

5. Avoid Tobacco Use 

Tobacco use of any kind is the enemy to oral health! Avoiding tobacco will also save you from many ill effects which are caused by products that are usually used to mask the smell of tobacco. For instance, most people tend to use candies, coffee or tea to mask the smoky odor and bad breathe caused by smoking or other tobacco products.

6. Visit Your Dentist Frequently 

Schedule a check up and dental cleaning every 6 months to maintain great oral health. Dentists can spot early symptoms of gum disease and treat it at the beginning stages. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and cancer treatments can predispose you to dental problems. Be sure to talk with your dentist about these conditions and get his/her recommendations regarding your treatment plan.

7. Consider a Cosmetic Dental Procedure

We are fortunate today to live in an age where advanced cosmetic procedures

are not only available, but are very affordable as well! Remember that the first impression when you meet anyone is significantly determined by your smile. A great smile can boost your self-confidence and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. On the same note, if you aren’t happy with your teeth, whether it’s due to missing teeth, stained or crooked teeth, or just discolored teeth, it can be a huge detour ant to presenting the confident image that you’d like to present. The good news is you’re not stuck there! Your teeth can be corrected and you too can have that beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed about!

Stained, crooked or odd shaped teeth can be easily corrected by whiteners, veneers, invisalign braces, dental implants, etc. Choose a reputable cosmetic dentist like Dr. Halina Montano and schedule a consultation. Call our office today at 561-232-2070 and let our professional staff help get you started. Take action TODAY and you’ll be on your way to having your best smile ever in 2017!