How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

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Cosmetic Dentist in Boca RatonFor one to have straight teeth is a true blessing, however, not everyone is fortunate to have naturally straight teeth. For most people, this means visiting the orthodontist who has undergone specialized training in treating uneven teeth. Braces are not the only option for teeth straightening. There are a number of options that are considered very effective in part due to a revolution in dental technology over the past few years. 

A popular method is wearing a mouth guard. This device is prescribed for people who grind their teeth in their sleep. The interior is soft, but the external surface is quite hard. People who wear these devices have reported that it pushes teeth inwards. This would thus be a great device for people who have teeth sticking out. Best of all, it is made of clear material. As a result, one can wear it all day to quicken results.

A retainer is another common method of keeping teeth in line. The device works by influencing the shape of the jawbone. It usually influences how it develops thus affecting how the teeth develop. Either, it can be attached permanently or it can be removable at will. However, a removable retainer might be a problem for use with kids. They may end up leaving it behind after a meal.

Another common method of straightening teeth is using expanders. The device is fitted to the jaw and it applies outward pressure to the jaws. This causes them to generate new bone mass and expand. The expanded jaw is a great way of preventing crowding. Tiny jaws are one of the leading causes of misaligned teeth.

A common device for treating teeth imperfection is headgear. However, this device is a bit conspicuous. It works by preventing the upper jaw from growing outward. Thus, it applies gentle pressure to the teeth and forces them to turn inwards. The device needs to be worn for a given number of hours per day in order for it to be effective.

A popular method used is contouring. This typically involves filing teeth that are out of shape. This option is typically used for adult teeth. It results into reducing the actual size of the tooth. This process is only possible for people with slightly crooked teeth or teeth that have some cracks in them. This treatment is considered semi-permanent and may require a redo after a few months.

Whenever the orthodontist suggests a certain treatment, it is important to get a second opinion for teeth straightening. The reasons for crooked teeth are quite numerous and at times, the reason may vary among different orthodontists. Teeth’s straightening is mostly considered cosmetic surgery and thus some medical insurers may not cover it.

No matter which method you choose, it is important for one to maintain hygiene. Gum inflammation has a huge effect on teeth alignment and it can be quite painful. Prevention is quite easy, brushing regularly and flossing is all it takes to keep periodontitis away. No matter the method one decides to use, it is important to consult a qualified professional like Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton.

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