Important Facts You Should Know About Dentures

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What are Dentures?

These are artificial replacements for missing teeth that can be placed in and removed from the mouth. They are primarily used when natural teeth are missing or cannot be saved. Dentures are also used by those who wish to improve the structure or appearance of their teeth. Although it is hard to replicate the feel of one’s natural teeth, todays’ dentures are much more comfortable and natural looking than in the past.

How Do You Care For Dentures?

It is important to maintain hygiene and their overall look. Always remember they act as your teeth and are placed in your mouth. You have to ensure that they are properly cleaned all the time and maintain the general hygiene as recommended by a qualified medic. Below are some of the key ways you can take care of them:

1) Never Leave Them To Dry Out

This is the number one rule when it comes to denture care. Dentures should be always placed in a cleansing soaking solution or in a glass of clean, plain water. This ensures that they are always fresh and maintain their original shape. If you leave them out to dry, they will warp and in the process and become distorted, making them difficult to place them in your mouth and uncomfortable to wear.

2) Brush Them On Regular Basis Just Like Natural Teeth

They should be kept as clean as possible. This is due to the fact that they serve the same purpose as the natural teeth. They are exposed to the coatings in the mouth just like the natural teeth. Ensure that you brush them on regular basis so as to keep them clean. If you leave them for long without brushing, they will be coated with germs and this may affect your oral hygiene.

3) Ensure That Your Mouth Is Clean Before You Insert Them

It is a very good practice to clean the gums and the mouth cavities where they are placed so as to maintain maximum oral hygiene. Most people assume this thinking that once they have cleaned them outside, everything is okay. Germs hidden in your mouth may be transferred to your dentures and harmful bacteria can build up.

4) Visit Your Dentist On A Regular Basis For Checkups

It is important to schedule regular visits with your Dentist so they can check the fit of your dentures and the health of your gums, etc. Regular checkups will help you identify any problems and help maintain good overall oral health.

When Are Dentures Needed?

It is a fact that the physical appearance of your teeth is a major factor in your appearance. The condition of your teeth has a big impact on how good you look. especially when you smile. The first situation requiring dentures is when someone has lost all or some of their teeth or bone. Dentures are placed in the mouth as replacement when natural teeth have unfortunately been lost or damaged beyond repair. Other reasons one may choose dentures would be due to dissatisfaction with their natural teeth formation, the presence of weak or brittle teeth or severe gum disease, etc.

What Are The Benefits of Dentures?

Below are some of the benefits:

1) Dentures Can Improve Your Physical Appearance

This is the first benefit you will get. This is due to the fact that they are designed to give the best outlook especially when you smile. Remember a dentist takes your jaw’s dimensions then come up with a design that fits exactly to your jaw to give a perfect look.

2) Dentures Help Chewing and Digestion

Another key aspect you will enjoy is the comfort to eat all types of food. Without teeth, there are some hard foods you cannot eat. With them, you can confidently eat all types of food.

3) Dentures Can Help Clear Speech and Proper Articulation

Teeth are a very important in order to pronounce words correctly. With them, you can pronounce all the words correctly and thus boost your confidence to talk in public.


Despite the benefits, there are certain disadvantages associated with dentures. First, it may be a bit uncomfortable adjusting to a different substance in your mouth. For most people, the level of discomfort will fade in time. Second, dentures do require daily maintenance to keep them in good condition. If dentures are a viable choice for you, be sure to call Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton to discuss with your dentist the options available and make the best choice for your specific situation.


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