Invisalign Braces

Clear Dental Retainers

Also known as the invisible braces, Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. After you schedule a consultation with an orthodontist, such as Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton and they take the records for your case, you’ll be fitted with see-through and removable aligners that are specifically made to fit your teeth perfectly. Invisalign is one of the most popular ways of correcting misaligned teeth and bad bites without having to worry about the unsightly appearance of metal braces. On top of that, they work similarly to metal braces in that they apply pressure in order to correct the position of your teeth. 

The initial consultation

If you’re decided that you want to get Invisalign braces, in your first visit to the orthodontist your dental health will be evaluated in order to ensure no extra treatments need to be done prior to getting Invisalign braces. The initial consultation serves 2 purposes:

  1. You’ll be able to have all your questions regarding the Invisalign treatment answered by a professional (cost, duration of treatment, etc).
  2. The dentist will evaluate whether Invisalign is the best way for you to correct your various teeth problems.

Taking the records for your case

Before your Invisalign treatment can be planned, your dentist needs to collect some info that documents the condition of your bite and teeth. To name the records required for starting the Invisalign case, they are:

  1. Dental impressions.
  2. Bite registration.
  3. Dental X-rays.
  4. Photographs (8 patient pictures for each case).

Treatment time frames One of the many benefits of Invisalign braces is the fact that they’re removable, so you can easily take them off when needed. However, it’s very important to wear the aligners at least 20 hours a day, with the only exceptions being when you’re cleaning them or your teeth, when smoking, drinking beverages and eating foods. Also, before they are replaced with a new set, you’ll need to wear your Invisalign aligners for about 2 weeks, but depending on your specific case, you may have to wear them a bit longer than that. How long exactly is something only your dentist can tell you. How long will the treatment take? In general, using Invisalign you’re going to straighten your teeth in half the time and sometimes even faster than if you were to use regular braces. Most patients who use Invisalign wear them for about 12 months, so that’s exactly how long you should expect to wear yours as well. Knowing exactly how long you need to wear them If you want to know exactly how long you’re going to have to wear the Invisalign braces, you can use this simple tip:

All the aligners required for your treatment are made prior to the treatment’s inception. Because each set of aligners is generally worn for 2 weeks or 14 days, you just need to multiply the number of sets you have by 2 and then divide the number by 4.

Invisalign Benefits

Compared to conventional braces, Invisalign have numerous advantages and some of them are included below:

Eating food is much easier: With regular braces, eating is generally a potentially embarrassing and certainly a messy ordeal. However, with Invisalign aligners, when you have to eat you just take them out.

Cleaning your teeth: By wearing regular braces you’re soon going to find out that flossing and brushing your teeth is simply a nightmare. And when you fail to floss and brush your teeth properly, you’re placing yourself at a greater risk for complications with tooth decay and gum disease. However, thanks to the removable nature of plastic tooth aligners, this won’t be an issue for you.

Less irritating to soft tissue: Many people who wear regular braces complain about the fact their wires and/or brackets scrape against their tongue, cheeks and lips and irritate them. Since the plastic aligners have a smooth contour, you’ll never have to worry about that being the case with Invisalign. On the other hand, depending on your specific problem, the dentist may use anchors or buttons and elastics. Because of that, there’s a small chance a sharp aligner is discovered from time to time and must be trimmed down to avoid causing you any type of discomfort.

Invisalign is currently one of the best ways of correctly various teeth problems and not only are they a lot more comfortable and effective than regular braces, but they’re also removable. Because of that, they’re certainly the top choice for anyone who wants to correct their smile fast and without endangering their dental health.

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