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Nice, well-kept teeth should be a priority for every person, not just for aesthetic reasons but primarily because it promotes good health! When your smile is embellished with bright, shining teeth, you feel confident and relaxed. Why do teeth change color? How do I solve this problem? This is your guide to teeth whitening – here are some of the most common causes of teeth discoloration along with the most popular whitening treatments that you can try.

Staining and Discoloration of Teeth

Did you know that in some cases, change in teeth color occurs in utero? How much can we actually do to prevent or mitigate such an undesired process? What actually affects the natural color of your teeth and under what conditions do the teeth lose their original whiteness? Here are some facts you need to know:

– The natural color of teeth is determined by its structure, and varies from person to person

– Hard dental tissues (dentin and enamel) have very specific optical features that contribute differently to your tooth color.

  1. a) Dentin
    Dentin is characterized by opacity and orange-yellow color. It makes the inner core of the tooth and it is wrapped with the enamel coating whose thickness varies in different parts of the tooth.
  2. b) Enamel
    Enamel is white and very clear, with a small share of greyish and bluish hues. Since enamel is highly transparent, the place where the tooth is located has a thicker layer of grey because the darkness of the oral cavity is reflected through them.

Natural Teeth Whitening

The so-called “natural” teeth whitening techniques are fairly widespread and popular. You can find a variety of recommendations on teeth whitening using foods and chemicals that we have in the household and through various media forms, particularly the Internet. For a start, it is necessary to warn that dentists do not recommend any of these procedures because of the potential damage to the enamel and / or oral cavity. Here are some of the most famous methods of “natural” whitening.

Rubbing your teeth with a slice of lemon or applying lemon juice on the toothbrush

To achieve the desired effect, this procedure is performed once or twice a day. The active substance in this teeth whitening technique is the lemon acid, which is classified, according to the chemical properties, as a weak acid, but acids in lemon are present in relatively high concentrations. Visible results occur after a certain number of “treatments,” but at the cost of damage to the surface layer of enamel.

Rubbing teeth with strawberries or applying a strawberry mixture on the toothbrush

Similar to the previous technique, the strawberry mixture contains a fruity weak acid that erode the enamel surface layer and partly remove discolorations. The concentration of acid in strawberries is lower than in the lemon, so the effect of whitening is weaker.

Homemade whitening mixtures

Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda Powder

Soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate), is used in the household in the form of a fine powder that is soluble in water. The powder is mixed densely with water or toothpaste and the obtained mixture is immediately used to brush your teeth. Such preparation is very abrasive and efficient in removing surface discolorations. However, because of the abrasion there is a risk of damaging the enamel and the development of surface defects.

From everything we have said about “natural” teeth whitening technique it is evident that they cause more harm than good. The mere fact is that the “natural origin” (e.g. fruit) used does not mean that the method is harmless and innocuous. Teeth staining should be treated exclusively with one of the professional methods that are designed to achieve maximum effect, while providing maximum safety for your teeth and surrounding tissues.

Teeth Whitening Carried Out by the Dentist

At a professional cosmetic dentistry, like Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, teeth whitening is put into two categories: vital and non-vital teeth whitening.

Whitening Vital Teeth

This type of whitening includes the commercial techniques called Zoom, Zoom 2, Opalescence Boost, Beyond, BT-Cool, etc. They are often called the power bleaching, since they use maximum concentrations of chemicals and achieve the fastest results. All the power bleaching systems use gels with the hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. By activating the gel, it produces the active oxygen which changes the chemical structure of the compounds in the stained teeth and thereby eliminates the discoloration.

Whitening Non-Vital Teeth

The concept of a non-vital refers to the tooth where the pulp has been removed or on which an endodontic treatment is conducted. These teeth often darken and cause aesthetic problems due to the large difference in color compared to adjacent teeth. Change in the color of back teeth is less noticeable and often does not require whitening. However, discolorations of the front teeth are aesthetic defects and should be treated.

Health and beauty of the teeth do not go one without the other. With a combination of good oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry, almost anyone can have a smile like a Hollywood star.

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