Oral Health Warnings You Can’t Ignore

Toothaches - What a Pain!

If you’re truly determined to keep your teeth and gums healthy and pearly white, it is extremely important to implement a preventive oral maintenance plan. Of course we all know that daily dental care such as brushing and flossing your teeth are non-negotiable to a beautiful smile. But let’s talk about some additional dental practices that we tend to “let slide” until we have a problem. These include regular dental cleaning and checkups, at least every 6 months, eating healthy foods, and following up promptly with your dentist when you have a problem. Many times, we tend to overlook small issues that signal that something is just beginning and wait until we have pain or it has developed into a much larger issue. Serious health conditions slowly develop in our body and by simply ignoring them and brushing them away we can inadvertently pave the way for much more severe conditions that can have a detrimental affect on our oral health. For this reason, you must be proactive and look out for any changes (even small ones) in your teeth and gums.

Here are some warning signs that you should never ignore:

Loose Teeth 

When your teeth unexpectedly moves or shifts on it’s own, it can actually be a sign of severe gum disease. Tooth loss can also be an early sign of osteoporosis. If you experience a loose or wobbly tooth, you need to contact your dentist immediately.

Bleeding Gums 

If you experience swelling, bleeding, or a change in color of your gums, this could be a signal that you have gum disease. If you experience bleeding every time you brush your teeth, then you have a high risk of developing gum disease. These gum issues are even more severe in those people who are affected by underlying conditions like diabetes. This reduces your body’s resistance to infection and can lead to many complicated health issues. In addition to symptoms mentioned above, other symptoms of gum disease can include dry mouth, and fruity-smelling breath. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your dentist immediately and schedule a checkup.

Tooth Pain 

Experiencing pain in one or more teeth is another major sign that deserves your attention. This pain is likely to come in several degrees. It can range from mild throbbing to severe pain that affects your entire being! There are many causes of tooth pain and the sooner you address them, the sooner you will be pain free and on the road back to pristine oral health.

Pain in Your Mouth and Jaw 

Along with other symptoms like cold sores, mouth and jaw pain can also be caused by stress. Chronic stress can lead to a host of health issues. When you consult an excellent dentist, such as Dr. Halina Montano, they can immediately identify the reason for your discomfort! In addition to stress, this type of pain can often be caused by simple and easily diagnosable conditions like gum disease, tooth pain and sinus problems. However, it is very important to get this checked by a professional because discomfort in jaw can also be an early sign of heart attack. Being proactive can not only save your teeth, but it can literally save your life!

Mouth Sores that Won’t Heal

According to a study, oral cancer alone is responsible for more than 10,000 deaths on an annual level. Use of tobacco, smoking, rough diet, genetic issues and HPV are likely to be some of the causes of oral cancer. Fungal growth in your mouth, small lumps, sores and lesions that continue to linger and refuse to heal could signal a deeper problem, such as the beginning of oral cancer. Do not ignore symptoms of this nature, thinking they will just go away! Consult a doctor immediately if you have areas that won’t heal.

Changes in Your Tongue

You should always check your tongue for any changes. One of the major tongue issues is thrush, which is also a yeast infection both in your tongue and mouth. It appears in the form of small white lesions above your tongue and at the side of your mouth. These lesions are also likely to be at the back of your throat. Your dentist can readily diagnose this condition and provide medication and a treatment plan.

One or more of these signs can indicate the development of severe oral issues if not taken care of immediately. If you have any one of these symptoms, you cannot ignore it! Take action and call your dentist immediately!

If you are looking for a great dentist in the Boca Raton, Florida area, Dr. Halina Montano is the dentist for you!  HSM Dental Group has a well-earned reputation for excellence and will address all of your oral health needs with expertise and professionalism. Please call 561-232-2070 to schedule your dental appointment today. Don’t wait until you receive warning signals, be proactive and schedule your checkup today!  You’ll be glad you did!