Similarities and Differences Between Regular Dental Cleanings, Scaling and Planing

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There’s some confusion regarding the differences between regular cleaning, dental planing and dental scaling. Dental planing and dental scaling is the procedure that’s needed in cases where there are large amounts of bacteria or tartar under the gums. It occurs when there’s a deep space between the gums and the teeth, called a pocket. Pockets may develop when one has not had regular dental cleaning for a quite some time or when one doesn’t floss and brush regularly. Regardless of the reason, the 1st step to improve the condition is having regular dental cleaning and deep cleaning done to clear these pockets of tartar and bacteria build up.

Dental scaling is basically the process of dental tartar removal from the teeth surfaces, while dental planing is a process that involves smoothening root surfaces, and removing the infected tooth structure(s). In case you got gum pocketing or gum disease, the gum pocket(s) around your teeth will be deepened, thus allowing tartar/bacteria deposits to build up under the gum line. If you have periodontal disease, you might require dental scaling and dental planing in order to remove the diseased deposits from root surface. An ultrasonic scaler might be used so as to get down full depth. Various kinds of anesthetic might be used if your gums and teeth are sensitive in order to facilitate a thorough cleaning. The 2 processes normally tend to blur together because during the dental cleaning process, a dentist scales away tartar and bacteria, and performs the necessary dental planing at that same time. Any kind of roughness may be smoothly planed away to provide a silky and smooth surface.

This generally differs from the regular dental cleanings, where teeth get polished using electric brush. During a deep dental cleaning, some special scraping tools are used to clear away deep set tartar and plaque, and makes other adjustments that are necessary to the tooth’s structure.

Regular dental cleanings normally go “hand in hand” with a deep comprehensive oral exam, or a regular recall evaluation. Once an exam is completed, unless the dentist diagnosis gum disease, he/she will perform the regular dental cleaning. The procedure basically involves going in the spaces and cleaning them thoroughly by removing tartar and bacteria buildup.

Dental scaling and dental planing allows the dentist to clean the hard to reach spaces where the tooth’s root and the gum tissue meet. A deep cleaning is rather crucial as it helps in preventing and treating gum disease. During deep cleaning, only a half or a quarter of the mouth gets treated at one time. A patient is 1st administered an anesthetic which helps in reducing discomfort and pain, during the cleaning process. A dentist then uses a special scraping tool to remove plaque and tartar. The overall treatment time varies from one patient to another based on their specific needs. A patient might have sensitive or tender gums and teeth for a day, or so after deep cleaning has been done, though they need to continue brushing and flossing as instructed by the dentist. The dentist will generally determine the type of cleaning the patient needs during the initial exam(s) by measuring depth of the spaces between the gums and teeth.

The procedures will ultimately reduce the tooth decay. They may also reverse the gingivitis before it turns into a more serious disease. Once the regular dental cleaning, dental planing and scaling is done, the gums will start healing in against the smooth teeth in the area that was cleaned of the tartar, bacteria and plaque. If these procedures aren’t done, gingivitis may worsen into a serious gum disease which is known as periodontitis. However, the benefits of these procedures will only last so as long as calculus stays off your teeth. Some patients may need periodic dental check ups if they’re prone to plaque and tartar build up, or they do not practice the proper oral hygiene.

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