Teeth Whitening

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The first thing that people notice about you is your smile. Most people agree that one of the most noticeable things in one’s smile is the brightness of their teeth. White teeth potentially say a lot about a person. In other words, white teeth are associated with good hygiene, youthful appearance and even good health. It has also been discovered that white teeth play a major role in the success of job interview among many other things. The process of teeth whitening helps remove any debris and staining from your teeth, leaving them shades lighter. Today, millions of people across the world have undergone teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening is simple procedure that carries many benefits. It improves your appearance immediately, and this is the main reason why most people choose to have their teeth whitened. Sparkling, white teeth can boost your confidence dramatically. Most people feel their confidence soar when they are proud of their teeth. Most report they feel they smile more and laugh more when they are confident their teeth look good. It’s one easy way to improve the personal feel-good factor.

Another advantage of whitening your teeth is the cost. This self- improvement tool is available today at a very affordable price and can be easily maintained. Today, people want to be associated with beauty and healthier lifestyle and attractive, white teeth are associated with beauty, health and a vibrant lifestyle.

Many classify white teeth as an actual anti-aging technique. They believe that it makes them look younger because when people focus on their white teeth, their wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable.

After Care

The immediate after-care of whitened teeth is more important, especially in the first 24-48 hours. After teeth whitening, the enamel pores on your teeth are open and more prone to stains. After approximately 48 hours, these pores have closed and you can go back to your normal diet. During the first 48 hours, it is highly recommended to avoid beverages such as coffee, tea, lemonade, colas or any fizzy drink, any energy drink, and dark beer. It is also important to avoid foods such as carrots, orange fruits, spinach, chocolate, bread, tomatoes, red sauce and margarine.

It is advisable also avoid hot and cold liquids. Hot liquids can alter the temperature of the teeth and cause the expansion and contraction of teeth, which allows stains to more easily penetrate. Avoid acidic foods and fruits because they can easily stain your white teeth.

Most alcoholic drinks and wines have tannin’s that can cause the teeth to stain so it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking during this period.


There are several methods to choose from to whiten your teeth. Some of the common methods include:

  • Laser Whitening

This method is more expensive but very effective and produces immediate results. The entire procedure is performed at your dentist office by a trained technician. Laser whitening can lighten teeth up to six shades lighter. It involves painting teeth with a bleach-like paste and then using a laser to activate the active ingredients. You are then given and plastic trays (molds of your teeth) to take home with you so you can periodically bleach your teeth at home and maintain your new level of whiteness.

  • Take Home Professional Whitening

Another whitening option is to buy a professional take-home whitening kit. These kits work the same way as professional bleach whitening kits. Unlike what is used at your dentist office, whitening kits have a milder concentration of peroxide, making it a safe and reliable method for teeth whitening on your own. This method of whitening will take a longer period of time to achieve desired results.

  • Over the Counter Treatments

You have several options to choose from when it comes to over the counter treatments. The options include whitening toothpaste, whitening kits, and whitening strips. The key to using over the counter products is doing it consistently.   As indicated on the product’s user guide, these products must be used on a daily basis for a period of time in order to produce desired results.

Teeth whitening can be a great way of improving your appearance and boosting your confidence. For the fastest result, laser teeth whitening will provide the best result. Call the professionals at Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton today for further information. This technology is efficient, safe and produces immediate results. However, if laser whitening is simply out of your budget at this point, other options are available. The key is to be consistent and patient if you choose a do it yourself method.

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