Thanksgiving Day Dental Tips

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day is a perfect time to hang out with friends and family, enjoy an exceptional meal, and reflect all the things in your life to be grateful for! To make sure your teeth stay happy and healthy as well over the Thanksgiving holiday, here are a few dental tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stay Hydrated

It is always good to drink plenty of water, but even more so when you are consuming a lot of rich, sweet foods! Staying well hydrated can help prevent plaque formation by washing away debris. Drinking plenty of water also improves the flow of saliva, which further prevents cavities from forming. Water is also an excellent substitute for less healthy drink options like soda, juice or punch.

  1. Floss and Brush 

As we all know, plenty of the food served during this holiday will be full of sugar and carbs. From sweet potato pie, casseroles and many other baked goods, this is one day that we all splurge!

To counteract this day of indulgence and keep your teeth sparkling, make it a point to brush and floss at different times throughout the day! Even if you go to a family member or friend’s home for Thanksgiving, take a little floss and toothbrush with you. About half-an-hour after you are done eating (to ensure your teeth have sufficient time to produce vital protective minerals), duck quickly into the bathroom floss and brush.

In case you forget your toothbrush or if it proves difficult brushing your teeth at the house of another person, at least floss. Chewing xylitol gum after the meal can also improve your flow of saliva, assist with your digestion, and wipe away food particles left on your teeth.

  1. Limit the Sticky Sides

There is no doubt that cranberry relishes are among the worst nightmares for your teeth! They are sweet, acidic, and tend to stick to teeth for hours. In the end, they create ideal conditions for bacteria to eat through the enamel and infect the gums. Other sticky delinquents include mashed potatoes and pecan pie. While we all will indulge in our favorite Thanksgiving treats, take a moment to rinse with water after eating then brush if possible.

  1. Make an After-Holiday Cleaning Appointment

There’s no doubt that the Thanksgiving holiday can not only present a pitfall for your weight, but the long meals and desserts are rough on your teeth too. For this reason, it’s always good to set up an appointment with your dentist to get a good teeth cleaning after Thanksgiving! Not only will your mouth feel rejuvenated after a good dental cleaning, but you can also check for any changes in your teeth such as cavities or problems with your gums! That way, one can avert problems well before they end up being more costly or uncomfortable. In addition, a cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Halina Montano can also recommend cosmetic treatments to give you a happy, bright smile for additional holiday celebrations!

Thanksgiving is certainly one of the best holidays of the year and should be fully enjoyed! Having healthy, beautiful teeth is surely something that you need to be thankful for during Thanksgiving season. Keep your teeth healthy by using these dental tips and going for regular dental check-ups as well!

HSM Dental Group will be glad to moment to schedule that after-Thanksgiving cleaning for you! Take a moment and call them at 561-232-2070 and reserve your appointment today! Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving and having beautiful, happy teeth too!