The Invisalign Express

Clear Retainer after Braces

Would you love to have a beautiful smile with perfect, straight teeth but just can’t bear the thought of having a mouthful of metal for one to three years in order to get it? Well, now you can get those beautiful, perfectly aligned teeth without having to torture yourself with metal braces! This is achieved using a clear bracing product know as Invisalign. Invisalign braces are sometimes referred to as invisible braces because they are made from a transparent gel that slides over your teeth. Because the material is very thin, transparent, and is also shaped to mold the contours of your teeth exactly, it is virtually undetectable. You’d have to look hard at someone’s teeth, knowing what you’re looking for, to be able to tell.

Invisalign is formally described as a dental straightening system that consists of a chain of clear aligners worn as teeth brackets for fixed time duration. These teeth aligners are changed after every couple of weeks so that the teeth alignment occurs properly. Invisalign is a system of gently pushing teeth into the position they should be in by using customized clear aligners. Because Invisalign is made specifically for every individual, they support teeth wonderfully. The Invisalign system of aligning teeth is a perfect solution for those who have been avoiding straightening their teeth because they didn’t want to live with metal wires in their mouth.

Invisalign Express takes the Invisalign program even further and is an accelerated tooth alignment system that is distinctively targeted towards those patients who suffer from minor dental problems of crowding or spacing of teeth. Invisalign Express is the best solution for mild dental alignment problems and can provide correction in as short as 6 to 7 months. The same problem treated with conventional braces could take up to a year or longer. The Invisalign Express treatment uses the same type of transparent aligners for aligning the teeth that Invisalign uses, but just uses comparatively less aligners when compared to the standard Invisalign process where more aligners are used.

Invisalign Express is a perfect option to choose if you have just a few teeth that need to be realigned. The total cost is less for Invisalign Express because fewer aligners are used and fewer visits to the dentist are necessary, resulting in less out of pocket expenses. This is very important if your dental insurance does not cover braces and you are footing the bill yourself. You no longer have to deny yourself of the smile you deserve just because of the cost! The benefits of having high-quality treatment are coupled along with excellent post-treatment services.

Invisalign Express is an ideal option for the cosmetic needs rather than the functional requirement of teeth. This system takes as less as mere six months to treat slight orthodontic problems, much to the relief of the patient as well as his strained jaw.

For many years, corrective teeth alignment has just been about biting the bullet and wearing the metal braces, and all of us know only too well what they look like. Traditional braces are large, clumsy affairs which dig into your gums, prevent you from talking properly, stop you from eating your favorite foods and become the most dominant feature of your face sometimes for several of your most formative years.

Most people tend to see braces as being one of the staple elements in the stereotypical teenager. There’s no doubt that traditional braces have certainly made a difference and the results which they can achieve demonstrate clearly why people have continued to choose to wear them. However, the world of teeth alignment, and in particular the world of braces, has been changed dramatically following the introduction of what Invisalign can offer.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for straightening your teeth using the Invisalign Express system, the first thing to do is to choose a reputable dentist, such as Dr. Halina Montano, and schedule a consultation with them.

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