Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring

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Tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring, is the cosmetic dentistry technique which removes some small amounts of the tooth enamel so as to change the length, surface and shape of one or more teeth. The procedure can be completed in a single session, or may be performed slowly over course of a couple of short sessions to phase in the new changes to the mouth’s appearance. It is fast, and can be one of the more conservative ways for you to pursue that perfect smile you desire.
The 1st step in contouring is a real thorough oral examination and a diagnosis by a qualified cosmetic dentist such as Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, which highlights manner in which this procedure will be used in order to address your bite or/and smile issue. Doing this makes sure that the teeth being reshaped tooth are healthier and look much better. In certain cases, root surfaces may also need reshaping so you don’t suffer from gum diseases later. This might require an x ray to determine if all your inner tissues and/or the pulp needs any kind of protection or isolation. In most cases, it’s only the enamel that gets removed. Enamel doesn’t contain any kind of nerves so you won’t feel pain, and there’s no anesthesia that’s required. Only thing you may experience is some slight vibration whenever your tooth gets sculpted. It is later on polished for a much smoother appearance and a better finishing. The whole contouring process doesn’t take more than, say about 30 minutes, and results appear instantly. In some cases, treated teeth may be a little bit sensitive to hot or cold, but this feeling disappears in a day or 2, at most.

The process essentially involves moulding or/and remoulding of teeth through use of special shaping instruments, sparing off and rounding of angles, straightening the edges and evening the dental lines. Dental contouring may also be combined along with dental bonding which involves addition of some composite resin in order to fill out the tooth where necessary, hence helping you get a much more appealing and natural looking smile.

It’s very important that structural integrity of the teeth be protected. For that reason, the dentist will take x rays of the teeth to clearly identify the exact amount of the support each and every tooth has, so as to determine just how much of your tooth can be removed during the reshaping process.

The dentist will trim away or/and minimize imperfections in the teeth using a laser or sanding drill. Anesthesia isn’t usually needed. Once all the problematic enamel gets removed from both the bottom and front of the teeth, sides of the teeth are reshaped by slipping some strips of coarse material in between them, and then working them back and forth.

Having achieved your desired shape, the dentist will then do some teeth polishing, giving them a shine that’s essential to a perfect smile. In case you’ve decided to combine with bonding, it’ll be conducted before the final reshaping and teeth polishing.

Advantages of Tooth Reshaping and Contouring
– This is a rather inexpensive way of improving the appearance of your teeth. It generally costs between $50 and $300 per a tooth, depending on just how much work will be needed. In case the defect occurred because of an accident or trauma, your insurance might pick up the cost.
– Since only the surface enamel gets removed during tooth reshaping and contouring, there is generally not much discomfort and no anesthesia is needed.
– Removing minor overlaps, and other such imperfections where plaque and tartar could have built up will lower your risk of teeth decay and even gum disease.
– It is a possible substitute for the braces. In certain situations, dental contouring may be substitute for the braces because they make the teeth look straighter and eliminates minor overlapping.

Disadvantages of Dental Contouring
– Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, tooth reshaping won’t dramatically make the teeth look whiter. For more noticeable whiter teeth you might want to try veneers.
– Depending on just how much of the enamel gets removed in the process, some patients’ teeth may become sensitive afterwards for a day or two.

Dental contouring is perfect for repairing crooked teeth, chipped teeth, teeth which overlap one another, and irregular or uneven teeth. It gives you a better smile and a much more comfortable bite that can relieve the jaw muscles which might have been stressed because of improper alignment. In addition, if you wish to have a much more feminine or masculine appearance, then the contouring procedure will be of great help to you.

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