What is a Gum Lift?

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“Gum Lift” was coined as a term in 1989 by Dr. Parsa Zadeh in order to describe the surgical procedure that is most often performed in an effort to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile”. This is a procedure that is performed as an outpatient surgery. Technically speaking, a gum lift is a crown lengthening through apically positioned muco periosteal flap as well as well as osseous recontouring. Simply stated, when the existing gum becomes separated from the underlying bone, the additional bone is trimmed and the gum tissue is placed back and stitched at a higher level. The result of this procedure is stable, biologically, and an acceptable proportion of the bone and gum become far less visible.

Is the Excess Gum Tissue Cut off?

A gum lift is a procedure that is completely different from a gingivectomy or the cutting off of excess gum tissue. A gingivectomy is able to be achieved via either if the following: surgical knife, radio-surgery or a laser. You will need to note that the cutting off of the gum edge while retaining useful indication is very limited in regards to what it is able to achieve. When the biological restriction are violated, the gum will either develop a permanent state of gingivitis or the gum will regrow. The singular option for permanent and stable improvement of the underlying bone is the proper reduction of the bone itself’ a gum lift.

Is it Painful?

The procedure itself will last an average of 2 to 3 hours and can be done under a local anesthetic. There are dentists that, due to the fact that a local will not make the procedure painless, will utilize some degree of sedation. Given that a gum lift is a minor surgery, it is accompanied by all of the same delicacies, limitations and discomforts of any other wound that your body would encounter.

Post-surgery, you will (typically) be prescribed two types of pain medications that can be taken as needed for comfort. The vast majority of patients that have undergone such a procedure have reported that they have experienced a level of numbness on the site of the operation as opposed to pain. The most of the discomfort that is felt is derived from the swelling within the area as opposed to the actual wound.

Recovery Time

Generally, recovery will take upwards of ten days. This recovery time can be extended should you not follow the express instructions provided by the dentist.

How Many Visits Do the Gum Lift Take?

A gum lift is completed within a single visit. Most dentists will want to see you for a follow-up within a few days of the procedure. During this secondary visit, the doctor will check to ensure that the tissues are properly holding up.

Are Stitches Involved?

You will have stitches that will need to be removed after six days. There is the option of having resorbable stitches used, that will not require removal by a dental professional.

Possible Complications

There are basically zero complications associated with this procedure. Should you follow the instructions provided by the doctor, properly take the prescribed antibiotics, rest properly, etc. there is nothing that can go wrong. There are a handful of consequences that are associated with a gum lift procedure and they are as follows:

For the first few months there will be some level of teeth sensitivity. Should it not dissipate after the first few months of the procedure, notify the dentist immediately. It can upwards of a year for the aforementioned gum numbness to go away. It can take approximately 10 to 14 months for the spacing between the teeth to fill with gum. This is as long as the gum is kept healthy during this time.

Will there be a Need for Crowns or Veneers?

There is a possibility that you will require crowns or veneers after the procedure has been completed. This decision is contingent on the preexisting condition of your gums and teeth as well as how much of a lift you are having done. In most cases, patients only need a gum lift in order to accomplish a perfect smile. There are cases in which a gum lift can only slightly improve upon a smile, therefore additional restorative procedures will be needed. This is a matter that will need to be discussed in detail with your dentist.

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