Whitening Mouthwashes – Do They Really Work?

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Over the years, the exposure to various substances may take a toll on your teeth leaving them discolored with unsightly traces of brown or yellow staining. There are many things which contribute to teeth discoloration, including but not limited to; cigarette smoke, tea, coffee, red wine, certain medications, food dyes etc.

Stained and discolored teeth can be quite embarrassing, and can make you reluctant to laugh or show off your smile. Today, millions of people actually suffer from teeth discoloration at varying degrees. Even the people who brush, floss and visit their dentist on a regular basis may find that certain foods, aging and environmental factors may eventually impact on their naturally radiant smiles.

Fortunately, there are whitening mouthwashes available, which can help lessen the discoloration. Whitening mouthwashes are incredibly effective when it comes to lightening and eliminating some surface stains. All you need to do is brush and rinse your mouth using a whitening mouthwash for about 1-2 minutes every morning and every night, and you can see results in less than a week.

How It Works

Whitening mouthwashes normally contain a bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in whitening mouthwashes. It is also widely used by dentists during a professional in office whitening treatment. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates and whitens the inside of your tooth (also known as dentin), making it even whiter than its’ natural color. After the treatment, results may vary depending on your particular dental health, and the type of treatment you choose. Most people who have consistently used whitening mouthwashes appear to be very satisfied with the results. The side effects are very mild and rare, and this treatment is quite convenient and non invasive. If you properly follow the instructions on how to lighten your teeth using whitening mouthwashes, you will enjoy a much-improved smile, and you will gain a major boost in your self-confidence. The professional dental team at Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton is happy to address any questions about whitening mouthwash and will design a teeth whitening plan to help you achieve your best results.


-Apart from lightening your teeth, whitening mouthwashes also kill the germs, which could otherwise cause bad breath.

-The whitening mouthwash treatment will make you look much healthier and younger.

-Whiter teeth will boost your self-confidence; your whiter smile will positively affect your friend’s perceptions of you, and also your own self-esteem. The treatment will not only accentuate your particular facial features, but also your natural beauty.

-Whiter teeth can positively impact your social status; with whiter teeth, you will be more willing to laugh and smile in public, which can enhance your social and professional life.

-The treatment produces quick results; Teeth whitening is a very quick way of brightening the pigmentation of your natural teeth. The results are noticeable in a matter of days.

-The treatment is very convenient; It allows you to lighten your teeth at your very own convenience.

-The treatment is safe and non invasive; Using a whitening mouthwash is one of the most non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments in the market. This treatment is ideal for patients who have dental anxiety, and also those who don’t like lengthy treatments.

-It is very affordable

-Whitening mouthwashes kill the bacterial plaque, which cause cavities, bad breath and gingivitis. It also protects against tooth decay.

-It is a low risk treatment, thus it’s ideal for many patients.


-Some patients might experience tooth sensitivity.

-If the instructions are not followed well, you might have uneven results.


-To protect your new radiant smile, you need to maintain proper dental habits. You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly. Although you need to brush your teeth after meals, some dental experts advise that you wait for about 20-30 minutes before brushing. If you happen to brush immediately after a meal, you’ll rub harmful sugars and stain producing molecules into the soft dental enamel of your teeth. Instead, you should rinse your mouth with clean water immediately after a meal, and then brush after 20-30 minutes. You also need to use anti-bacterial mouthwash on a daily basis. Finally, make sure you schedule biannual exams and regular dental check ups.

-Abstain from stain producing habits; certain habits may increase the risk for teeth discoloration, and also the severity of the dental stains. If you want to protect your new radiant smile, you need to avoid the following; smoking, regular consumption of coffee, black tea and red wine, regular consumption of soy sauce, berries, tomato sauce, and other such highly pigmented foods, and regular consumption of fruit juices, citrus, and other such acidic foods and drinks.

-Ensure you get regular touch up treatments; Apart from lifestyle changes and maintaining proper oral hygiene, teeth naturally tend to darken over time. So, for optimal results you need to maintain regular teeth whitening touch ups.

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