Why your teeth shift as you age

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Our teeth tend to be resilient considering the constant biting, chewing and grinding they are prone to. With time, however, changes do occur to our teeth. They continually wear as one ages while at the same time shift from their original position. This article addresses teeth shifting, how and why it happens, and how it can be treated through the use of adult braces and Invisalign. 

Teeth shifting refer to any activity that alters the normal alignment of the teeth, by pushing teeth out of their original position. Teeth shifting results in teeth being crooked, gaps to be present, and general interference with the entire alignment. This is not appealing and may even lower one’s self-esteem. However, it is not permanent and with treatment and medical procedures, the condition can be fixed.

Identifying the primary reasons why your teeth shift as you age can help curb this condition before it worsens. Here are a few:


Genetics tend to dictate our lives in a way we cannot control. This means that even if you were born with straight, well-aligned teeth, your genes can still dictate otherwise and they will definitely change at some point in your life.


Once the cavities are filled, the composite cause’s changes to your teeth and bite, and if the dental decay is not treated, it will eat up the gums and bones that hold the teeth. This will end up causing the teeth to shift or become loosely attached.


Aging is something we cannot avoid. As we grow older, the area between our teeth tends to wear off causing the enamel to thin out. The lower set of teeth wear faster as they are thinner, and with time chewing and grinding becomes difficult. In addition, the pressure exerted by the upper teeth causes shifting as the lower teeth cannot hold it.


Grinding tends to put a lot of tension on the lower jaw as it is weaker than the upper jaw. Continual thrusting exerts more pressure on the lower jaw causing it to be pushed out of alignment. This is something that is quite unavoidable, since we must chew.

Tooth Loss

Losing your teeth is not something that you can avoid easily, especially if it’s because of aging. Once a tooth is missing, the next tooth that is closest to the gap will start to grow sideways, upwards or downwards depending on its position. This is because there is no tooth to stop it. As a result teeth shifting will occur.

How can teeth shifting be treated?

Depending on the condition of your teeth, a number of treatment options can be sought after to align them. For instance, if it is caused by dental decay or cavities, your dentist can fill the cavity, but if caused by a missing tooth, a dental restoration can be placed to fill the gap. For severe conditions, however, the best solution is having adult invisalign braces in place.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces aid in straightening teeth; they comprise of removable aligners that are custom-made to suit your teeth. The aligners are almost invisible, hence more convenient for you. One replaces the aligners often, and as you replace them, the teeth move gradually to the desired position and in no time your teeth will be in alignment. Invisalign braces are comfortable to use, clear, and are removable.

Human nature makes us age naturally and in turn our teeth get caught up in the process. The process of teeth shifting is therefore something we cannot avoid. However, with proper dental care, its effects can be minimized. If you are experiencing teeth shifting, it is important to consult with a dentist, such as Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton for the right treatment procedure. In certain situations, trying out the adult invisalign braces is might be the best way to go!

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